Instantly playback your audio at the push of a button. SoundCue neatly presents your audio across 125 buttons (24 for SoundCue Lite) giving you easy access to any song in any order. Once an audio file is done playing, SoundCue stops playback and waits for your next cue, keeping you in control.


Quickly access your music. SoundCue includes a completely redesigned audio browser for fast access to your iPod and SoundCue libraries. Sync your iTunes tracks or drop files directly to SoundCue from iTunes. Managing your audio has never been easier.


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No conversion necessary. Audio files are played back in their native format. Uncompressed audio stays uncompressed! Stop, pause, play and fade controls are always available, even when assigning new songs to buttons. Jump around in your audio tracks using the play bar and stay on time with count up and down clocks.
SoundCue comes with 5 pages for quick access to your audio tracks (2 pages in SoundCue lite). Group files however you like and easily switch between pages.
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